Substance Abuse Treatment Groups

Substance Abuse Out-Patient Services

Individual and group programs are offered within a 2 - 6 hour per week schedule to address the questions of substance abuse, addiction and the consequences of substance use. Education, didactic, life skills, communication, individual and group support are offered in a comfortable setting. Schedules are designed to be flexible. Information and recovery tools from a variety of community based support systems are infused throughout to offer participants a variety of choices.

When "Love" Isn't Enough - Family Group

"Addiction isn't a spectator sport, eventually the whole family gets to play"
There are amazing groups out there like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. We highly encourage all family members to attend these meetings that have been successfully run for decades. However, we understand, that at times families need more than peer support; they need the guidance of professionals experienced and trained in addiction to help sort through all the chaos. Our clinicians have many years of experience working not just with all those struggling with addiction.

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