Adolescents / Parenting

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical, psychological and social development that can come with its challenges, especially today with the added social, educational and environmental stressors we are facing.

Parenting carries a lot of responsibility, and the process can be difficult at times as we seek to help guide our children through the process of moving safely and securely into their life in the bigger world. Whether you are married or single, you may be feeling as though you are on your own, especially if you are dealing with a difficult situation or behavior issues with your child. It’s important to address these problems, and seeking the help of a therapist and/or parent support group can alleviate the stress.

Why is parent/child support necessary?

Sometimes a parent needs guidance when reinforcing rules and setting boundaries for a child. If a person is going through a divorce, this can affect the child or children involved. Each of these issues can affect a family unit, and it is important to know you don’t have to feel alone. Parental support can assist with improving parenting skills, as well as relationships between the parent and child.

What does parenting support look like?

  • Therapy can be in the form of a support group with other parents, one-on-one sessions with a therapist, or may involve family counseling. Support can be helpful if you have a young child who is going through some kind of developmental or genetic disorder.
  • Parenting support can take the form of group therapy which involves meeting with other parents to discuss your child’s behaviors and offer advice to one another.

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